Le Modèle noir.

Du 13 juin au 21 juillet 2019

À partir de 12 ans


Une remarquable exposition met en lumière les modèles noirs.

 The black model. 

From 12 years old. 

Until July 21st.

Price: 14  , reduced: 11  , free for under 18s.

Daily: Mon, 9:30 am to 6 pm, nighttime play until 9:15 pm 

Orsay Museum, 1, rue de la Legion-d’Honneur, Paris VII e . Solferino.

Musee-orsay.fr .

Joseph, Laure, Carmen, Madeleine … Many of the names that emerge in the race of the exhibition, and that we rediscover in famous paintings where they were, until now, anonymous ( Olympia, Manet, Study of man, of Gericault. ..). It is one of the many interests of this unique exhibition, since it explores, through two centuries of art history in France, the importance of black models in the works of certain painters and the evolution of the mentalities they reflect – all with an impressive meeting of major canvases and enlightening explanations. A theme at the crossroads of multiple questions, which we particularly advise to explore with teenagers.Note that Lilian Thuram and Abd Al Malik participated in the audioguide, and that « Curious Night » will be held on June 13, for under-26s.